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About Me

My name is Brennan Hogan.  I am a 16 year old, high school sophomore, who is homeschooled.  I live in Fauquier County, with my family.  I enjoy swimming, amusement parks, drawing, animal rescue, running, playing the piano and drums, and most of all....balloon twisting!

I started making balloon art when I was 8 years old.  Over the years, I have enjoyed enhancing my skills and creating my own art replicating characters.

My services

Balloon twisting can be a great addition to festivals, community events, holiday parties, and family-friendly corporate events. The large variety of designs I can offer makes them great with a bunch of different age groups. Due to the limited amount of equipment needed, they are also very flexible in regard to the performance space.  Please keep in mind that grass does pop balloons faster so it's best to work on concrete or pavement.

You can also order premade balloons for party favors, or just to brighten someone's day with a colorful, fun balloon.


Pricing and payments

Price for 1.5 hour of live balloon twisting: $175

Price for 2.0 hours of live balloon twisting: $225

Some characters that have more intricate designs require 5-12 minutes per twist. 

Want balloons for your event? 

If you would like balloons premade for your event, please use the Order form.  This must be completed two weeks before your event.  Order forms have pricing, color options, and quantities requested.

Premade balloon pricing: Price varies on the balloon of your choosing.  Please see the Order form.

Payments:  Payments must be made prior to your event by either check or cash.  Checks can be mailed to 10922 Southcoate Village Drive, Bealeton, VA 22712.

Where do I twist?

There is no travel charge for booking an event in Fauquier County.

If you reside outside of Fauquier County, and live in the counties of Culpeper County, or Prince William County, a $25 travel fee will be added to your twist event.

Order form

Alien $1.00

Fancy dog $1.00

Flower $1.00


Small bouquet of flowers $10.00


Jumbo bouquet of flowers $40.00

Fish on a hook $1.00


Elephant $1.00

Giraffe $1.00

Bike $2.00


Sword/shield $5.00


Monkey on a Tree $1.00

Snake $1.00

T-rex $1.00

Triceratops $3.00

Helicopter $12.00


Rapunzel $10.00

Elsa $8.00

Cinderella $8.00

Ariel $8.00

Tiana $8.00

Spiderman $8.00

Hulk $8.00

Venom $13.00

Mario $15.00

Luigi $15.00

Yoshi $20.00

Small Bowser $15.00

Sonic the Hedgehog $15.00

Dr. Eggman $15.00

Shadow the Hedgehog $15.00

Among Us Character $8.00


Mickey Mouse $12.00

Donald Duck $12.00

Steamboat Mickey Mouse $12.00

Minnie Mouse $12.00


Daisy Duck $12.00

Pikachu $8.00

Minion with two eyes $12.00

Minion with one eye $12.00

Purple minion $15.00

Harry Potter $8.00

Elmo $10.00

Peashooter $10.00

The RMS Titanic (small) $12.00

Snoopy $12.00

Buzz Lightyear $15.00

Forky $10.00

Mike Wazowski $12.00

Wall-e $17.00

Eve $15.00

Thomas the Train $15.00

Huggy Wuggy $10.00

Kissy Missy $10.00

Stich $15.00

Bluey $15.00

Bingo $15.00

Lighting McQueen $20.00

SpongeBob SquarePants $20.00

Scooby Doo $10.00

Pirate hat $2.00

Pirate sword $2.00

Parrot $12.00

Little pirate boat $1.00

Pirate hook $1.00

Chess knight $10.00

Pirate $12.00

Chicken $10.00

Horse $10.00

Pig $10.00

Cow $10.00

Sheep $10.00

Jesus $10.00

Monster truck $35.00

Jumbo Cherry Blossem Tree $50.00

Jumbo RMS Titanic $50.00

Jumbo Tow Mater $40.00

Jumbo Bowser $40.00

Jumbo Goofy $30.00

Jumbo tractor $45.00




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